Our journey

Hackney Town Hall exterior taken from the front
Hackney Town Hall on Mare Street

We want to make Hackney Council the best local authority in London; providing the best services to residents, leading through innovation supporting our diverse communities, protecting the vulnerable, promoting environmental sustainability, and tackling inequality through creating opportunity, and economic growth.

Hackney Council is now widely regarded among the best in the UK – efficient, high-performing and innovative. But it wasn’t always so. In the late 1990s Hackney Council was on the brink of financial collapse. The past 20 years have seen the borough transformed through a culture of ambition and effective leadership.

Our history is important because it gave us the resolution to face up to today’s new challenges. It is through the hard work and dedication of our workforce that we have changed things. With the vision of our elected Mayor brought to fruition, we transformed ourselves. We then went on to transform our borough.

The scale of Hackney’s progress can be seen in the quality of our public service infrastructure, now almost entirely renewed. Starting with schools, we rebuilt or refurbished every secondary and many primary schools. Education is the most fundamentally important driver of social change here. From the lows of Government intervention, we have emerged as a beacon of excellence.

We have built new libraries and some of the best leisure facilities in London. We have also renewed our civic estate, building an award service centre and restoring our Town Halls. We have maintained public ownership of these assets and made them work for the borough.

In Hackney we believe that great local government can transform places and change lives. We are committed to driving economic growth and ensuring that all our residents can share the benefits.

Hackney Council grasped from the outset that our focus for the 2012 Games should be economic legacy. Leveraging the Games’ potential, our lobbying campaign revolutionised the borough’s transport connectivity and engaged thousands in jobs and other opportunities.

With population growth and costs making housing a top priority, we used creative approaches to secure one of the highest amounts of new social housing in London. From clean streets, cutting crime and improving health and wellbeing, our approach has improved the quality of our residents’ lives across the board.