Hackney Council and the Borough

Chief Executive of Hackney Council Tim Shields
Chief Executive, Tim Shields

“Hackney Council is one of the UK’s highest performing local authorities, serving one of London’s best places to live and work.

We have achieved a huge amount of which we can be very proud; our services, our schools and our public spaces are all amongst the very best.

Hackney Council is now widely regarded among the best in the UK – efficient, high-performing and innovative. But it wasn’t always so. In the late 1990s Hackney Council was on the brink of financial collapse. The past 20 years have seen the borough transformed through a culture of ambition and effective leadership.

Our history is important because it gave us the resolution to face up to today’s new challenges. It is through the hard work and dedication of our workforce that we have changed things.

2020 has given us new challenges, but more than anything, it has intensified our existing challenges, and our focus on them. Find out how we are rebuilding a better Hackney.”

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The Mayor of Hackney

Hackney has had a directly elected Mayor since 2002. The Mayor selects some of the councillors to be part of his Cabinet. Together, they decide what policies should be put before the Council for a vote. Mayor and councillors are elected every four years. Philip Glanville was elected Mayor of…

The Corporate Plan

In July 2020, we  adopted a Refreshed Corporate Plan that took full account of  the community impacts arising from the pandemic and published the key commitments on our Rebuilding a Better Hackney webpage. Keeping Hackney as a place for everyone is our shared vision for the Council. Over the next 4 years we…

Hackney’s community strategy 2018-28

Our sustainable community strategy 2018-28 sets out our collective vision for the borough and the kind of future we would like to see for our communities and it lays out the steps we are going to take to achieve this. In 2013 we produced a ‘State of the Borough’ report, outlining progress against…