Love Hackney Work Local

About 26% of our staff enjoy the benefits of living and working in Hackney. One thing they often say is that they are so proud to serve the borough they live in, they couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

If you have never thought of working for your local borough council before, now is the time. We offer roles across hundreds of professions and trades and offer generous pay and conditions.

We’ve also got a prime location – on your doorstep! It only takes around 40 minutes to walk to the Hackney Central campus from the furthest part of the borough, and we are well served by bus and Overground networks.

We welcome local people who are passionate about making Hackney a better place to live, whatever they do for a living.

Staff Profile
La Braya Buffong, Digital Communications Assistant, Communications, Culture and Engagement

Park Keeper standing park with arms foldedPhil Matijuk, Park Keeper

“I have a job I absolutely love, which is also secure, provides a good pension and gives me great benefits, and it’s all right on my doorstep.”



Staff Profile
Ayo Akinrele, Enforcement Officer




Apprentice leaving work outside the Hackney Service Centre

Hidayat Deen, ICT Apprentice

“I’ve lived in Hackney my whole life, so I know it like the back of my hand. I did consider working in the City before, but the range of opportunities available at Hackney Council plus the fact that I get to walk to work every day is a win-win for me.”

Staf Profile
Alexander Mair, Gardener



Here’s what more of our staff had to say about living and working in Hackney:

Job satisfaction:

‘In this job you are doing your bit for the world. You get to improve where you live based on your experience of it.’

’I enjoy designing and implementing services for residents knowing I’m one of them. I feel more connected to the community, living here inspires me.’

‘Doing something in your own community feels front line – you are making a difference where you live. I understand how people perceive the council and it makes me better at my job.’

‘My job is to give people a voice in local issues. Living and working here really strengthens job satisfaction – I know the area and the people here. I have those people in mind and that makes work more relevant and enjoyable.’

‘Having worked here for nearly ten years, and many of my colleagues are also long-serving staff, we really are like a family. Hackney has something special and we get to do work that’s always at the cutting edge in local government.’


‘I get more sleep!’

‘I feel liberated from a hellish journey. Physically I’m no longer tired and mentally I’ve a clear head. I get to walk at my own pace, feel connected to the world and know exactly how long my journey will take. It sets me up for the day.’

‘Walking to work means I get 25 minutes brisk walk every day. And working flexibly means I can start early – I’m an early bird at heart!’

Work-life balance:

‘It used to take two hours to get home at night, now I get extra time to play with my daughter.’

‘My job can be draining, now I live nearby I’m happy to stay and get work finished. I don’t have to worry about getting the last train home or setting off extra early to avoid traffic. I go home for lunch sometimes and if working from home, I can still respond quickly to emergency situations with clients.’

‘I’ve got a dog – I can take him for a walk at lunchtime.’

‘Not having to commute means for the first time, I’m able to put money into savings.’