Travelling to work

Wherever possible, Hackney staff take sustainable transport to work and during their working day – and the Council helps them do that. Here’s some of our staff testing out what’s the quickest way to Millfields Depot.

Season ticket loan

All permanent and fixed-term Council employees can apply for an interest free season ticket loan.

Travel expenses

You may be able to claim mileage or fares for work-related use of bicycles or public transport.

Cycle loans and discounts

If you need a bike or need an upgrade Hackney is a member of Cyclescheme which can save you at least 25% on a bike for work. Already got a bike? You can get accessory only packages, too

You choose a bike from an approved supplier and the Council buys it and loans it to you. You then take a ‘salary sacrifice’ in return for the loan of the bike across a year.

Although the bike is loaned to you, you are free to use it in your own time. You can also choose bicycle equipment (such as lights, a helmet or a rain jacket) to make the journey to work safer and more comfortable. The maximum amount available including both bike and equipment is £1,000

The deduction is made from your gross salary, which means you save on tax and National Insurance. Payments are spread over a 12-month period for your convenience.

Cycle training

Whether you’re a first-time rider or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, the Council funds free, tailored courses to suit your individual abilities and goals. If you want to try cycling, you can also borrow a bike from the Council’s Sustainable Transport team for two weeks for free.

Cycle parking

  • Hackney Service Centre – 216 cycle parking spaces for staff and customers
  • Christopher Addison House – 26 cycle parking spaces in the mews area.
  • Hackney Town Hall – cycle parking is available outside the entrance to the Town Hall.
  • Millfields Waste Depot – 20 cycle parking spaces available in the secure area.