The Equality Framework for Local Government

Hackney Carnival 2017
Hackney Carnival 2017 (photo credit Sean Pollock)

Hackney Council participates in the Local Government Association Peer Review, which is both a peer review and self assessment process against the Equality Framework for Local Government (EFLG).  Hackney uses the equality framework as a tool to improve and under the previous EFLG assessment process were rated as excellent in 2018. While the award system is no longer in place, we continue to use the Equality Framework to underpin our approach to Equalities.

EFLG looks for performance in five areas:

  • Knowing our communities
  • Leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  • Involving our communities
  • Responsive services and customer care
  • A skilled and committed workforce.

In our 2018 peer review, assessors were particularly impressed by:

  • The quality of our data and the way we use this to inform decisions about services and resource allocations;
  • The strong commitment to equality from councillors and senior managers. They felt equality was embedded in the Council’s work;
  • Our commitment to involving and informing our communities through events and publications like Hackney Today;
  • Initiatives like Contextual Safeguarding show we are aware of the challenges we face and are always looking for ways to improve what we do;
  • Our efforts to improve opportunities e.g. through apprenticeships and our genuine interest in staff wellbeing.

Read the full report into the accreditation.