Anonymous applications with Hackney Council

In September 2020, Hackney Council implemented anonymous application forms to ensure we attract and recruit a more diverse set of applicants, and make positive steps to protect everyone who wants to work for us against discrimination due to their name or sex.

Hackney Council is an incredibly welcoming and diverse organisation to work for. Our staff make up is broadly reflective of the residents we serve. However we are keen to do what we can to make sure ‘unconscious bias’ doesn’t come into our recruitment processes. Unconscious bias occurs when people favour others who look like them and/or share their values. For example a person may be drawn to someone of the same gender, from the same area, or who is the same colour or ethnicity as them.

Information for candidates
The the form will let you know that your name will not be disclosed to the hiring manager until interview stage. However please ensure that if you upload any supporting documents, you don’t put your name on them. It will still be attached to your application form so it won’t be missed.